Introducing Collingwood at Bemco SmartPRO. Collingwood Lighting has specialised in LED technology since 2002 and has been at the forefront of innovation ever since. Discover new ways to master light with Bemco SmartPRO.


H2 Pro 550 SPS

Single point source, dimmable, fire-rated LED downlight

With the look and feel of a traditional halogen lamp, this single point source LED downlight will blend into the ceiling effortlessly. A beam angle of 55° adds wide vertical illumination for an even, low glare spread of light. A large range of separate bezels allows for fitting before or after installation. Our push-fit terminal connector is included for quick and easy installation.

H2 Pro 700

Dimmable, fire-rated downlight with Easy-fit connector

With the look and feel of a traditional halogen lamp, this single source LED downlight will blend into the ceiling effortlessly. A wide beam angle of 55 degrees adds greater vertical illumination for an even, low glare spread of light, and the high lumen output makes this product ideal for use in high ceilings. A large range of separate bezels allows for fitting before or after installation. For a quicker, easier and more secure installation, it now comes with a easy fit connector. Featuring loop in loop out technology and piano key push-in connectors, the easy fit connector is ideal for first-fix and minimises risk of damage to fittings during installation.

H5 Trimless

Plaster-in, trimless, dimmable, fire-rated downlight

Due to the installation, the H5 Trimless is suitable for installation at the initial design stage or as part of a wider refurbishment. The trimless housing is plastered into the ceiling at the build stage and the LED light is fitted later. The H5 Trimless is fire rated to 30, 60 and 90 minutes and equivalent to a 50W halogen. Available in two ambient LED colours.


Sleek, low glare round downlight

More than a century of design and innovation helped inspire the creation of the luxurious architectural 1901 range, for when only the best will do.1901 is both contemporary and classic, with a focus on premium fittings, a high-quality performance and easy integration into control systems. Perfect for luxury residential and hospitality projects, 1901 showcases an aesthetically simple, low-glare luminaire design, with market-leading technical performance. The detailed fittings come in a variety of stylish options including a choice of bezels, adjustability, colour temperatures, beam angles, dimming methods, and IP ratings to perfectly complete the look of any interior design project. Simply configure your product to find the relevant product code. The range is engineered to be as easy to use as possible and can fit seamlessly into the installation and commissioning stages of a lighting project.



LED ground light

The GL038 is part of Collingwood’s direct to mains LED range, making it easy for retrofitting. With a single point source lens this gives it a modern look and feel. Using a marine grade stainless steel 316 and IP rated to 67, the GL038 is well suited to use outdoors. Available in three colour temperatures.


1W mini LED ground light

Discreet yet powerful, this 1W LED powered ground light is perfect for decking areas, entrance halls and pathways. Indoors or out, the IP68 marine grade stainless steel unit will give a flawless performance for many years of maintenance free operation. Available in seven ambient LED colours, the GL019 is the most popular ground light in the Collingwood range.


1W LED ground light

The GL016 is part of Collingwood’s submersible LED range. This mid-sized, stainless steel 1W ground light is ideal for lighting paths, decking and water features. Available in seven ambient LED colours, submersible to 9m and walk over, the GL016 is one of Collingwood’s most popular ground lights.


Low voltage LED spike light

The SL220 emits light anywhere that the ground is soft enough to take its anodised aluminium spike. This spike light comes with a robust outdoor cable, a choice of LED colours and a 7-year extended warranty. The head tilts through 90° from vertical to horizontal for ultimate versatility.



1W LED spike light

The SL130 is the smallest, most stylish and most discreet spike light for installing by pathways or among the flower beds of your garden. The casing and spike are made from anodised aluminium making them ideal for long periods outside. Using a 1W high-power LED and available in three colour temperatures; 2700K, 3000K and 4000K, this subtle spike light will enhance any environment. For more powerful options take a look at the SL040A and SL220A.

Universal lights


Universal LED light

Illuminate garden or pond from any angle as this swivel-mounted universal light throws a beam in any direction. With an antique brass finish, 18° beam angle, IP68 water-resistance rating and 3W LED light output, it gives you plenty of light to experiment with.


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