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The electrical contracting market has a fantastic opportunity to make up ground lost to the CI world as a satellite and AV installs are displaced by IoT devices. Today, a wider range of skill sets is needed to deliver fully integrated system solutions.

A fundamental understanding of electricity and structured wiring is the key and electricians are ideally placed to be the ultimate Smart Installers. Visit Bemco-KNX – our online platform dedicated to KNX smart home products and our KNX Certified Training centre. Our KNX Smart Homes division is based in London, Wandsworth.

BEMCO KNX Certified Trainings

KNX 'Taster' Course

The sessions are led by highly experienced integrators who will inspire you with stories of their KNX journey and share their views of KNX, the Smart Home market and how to win business. Listening to their perspective is genuinely fascinating will help you minimises mistakes when you embark on your own.

KNX 'Basic' Course

The KNX Basic course is the first course that one must attend in order to become a KNX Partner and in order to be listed as a KNX Partner on the KNX website. We provides excellent practical experience and has really helped existing Integrators go much further with KNX projects.

KNX 'Advanced' Course

If you want to take your basic KNX knowledge to the next level, then the advanced course is the right course to follow. The Advanced course is proven to be a great way to build experience and develop confidence. It is only available to attendees who have completed the Certified KNX Basic course.


Come and find out for yourself what it’s all about - come to one of our FREE KNX 'Taster' seminars!

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