Bemco SmartPRO

Bemco SmartPRO

The Bemco SmartPRO are excited to announce a brand new Smart Home showroom located at Bemco’s HQ in Wandsworth, South London.

Accessible at Instagram @bemcosmartpro and Twitter #bemcosmartpro, the Bemco SmartPRO channel focuses on providing solutions, advice and resources to help electricians get to grips with the latest technologies that will help them seize the smart home market opportunity. Bemco SmartPRO is supported by Lutron (RA2 Select, Vive and Quantum), SONOS, Honeywell and Collingwood, whose products can be deployed to offer smart lighting, blind, audio, security and HVAC control solutions for the modern smart home.

For more information follow the Bemco SmartPRO channel on social media.

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