February 2024

Our Top 5 Insights from our Sit Down with SONOS!

As an electrician, staying ahead in the tech game is crucial. Presenting yourself as knowledgeable and full of expertise to deliver first class installations for your customers is the name of the game. And SONOS makes it easy for you! Audio installations really can open new doors for your business and add an extra feather to your cap!

We sat down recently with SONOS expert Stephen Rhead, and here are his top five takeaways that could revolutionise your approach to audio:

1. Introduce compatible brands! If you’re already installing products that are compatible or partner with SONOS, such as Lutron RA2 Select, embracing Sonos audio systems is the natural next step. It offers a simple way of enhancing your services and delighting your clients.

2. An Experience worth having! Know your customers’ favourite streaming services? They likely offer Dolby Atmos playback. Introducing them to Dolby Atmos surround sound, with SONOS products like an ARC soundbar, Subwoofers, and Era 300 rear speakers, can elevate their audio experience to a 7.2.4 fully immersive surround sound system. 

3. Beyond Audio Setup! When you offer audio installations, you’re not just expanding into audio setups; you’re also increasing the demand for additional power points and plug sockets in rooms. You’re increasing the scope of your projects, adding more value to your services as a whole. 

4. Accessible Expertise! Becoming authorised with SONOS opens doors to exclusive monthly webinars. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, from training modules to troubleshooting techniques. Also, at BEMCO their own experts are there to help answer any questions and support you at any time. 

5. Talent Magnet! Adding audio services isn’t just about attracting new clients. It’s also a great way to draw in new talent. Young electricians are enthusiastic about engaging in these modern projects. By offering audio installations, your business can become a more attractive magnet for fresh talent, creating a win-win situation.

By leveraging these insights gleaned from our conversation with SONOS electricians can not only expand their service offerings but also position themselves at the forefront of modern technology.

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