Why GEA Plus

Technical Specification

 – Rated operational voltage Ue 690Vac/600Vdc

 – Rated Insulation voltage Ui 1000V

 – Rated frequency 40-60Hz

 – Rated current horizontal busbars 1000 up to 4000A

 – Rated current vertical busbars 650 up to 4000A

 – Rated short time withstand current lcw Max 80kA 1s

 – Rated impulse withstand current busbar system lpk Max 176kA

 – Type tested built assembley to BSEN 60439: Part 1

 – Environmental protection IP31 to IP54 to BS EN 60529

 – Internal seperation Form 4 up to type 7 to BS EN 60439: Part 1

 – Front access to cabling

 – Increased stacking density


 – Switchboards in accordance with BSEN 60439-1

 – Manufactured in quality mild steel 1.6mm for strength

 – Polyester powder paint finish colour light grey shade 631 to BS 381C

 – Compact space saving design

 – From 2A-560A for outgoing circuits

 – Incomer rating 63-800A

 – Modular “5 Stack” arranagements

 – Only one 250A fuse switch per 5 stack assembly

 – Any combinations of incomers and outgoers arranged for bottom or top entry

 – Easy uprating of circuits form 63A to 100A, 200A, or 250A if required

Conact Details

Tel: 0141 647 9276

Email: [email protected]


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