System 4 Low Voltage Switchboards

Packaged Substations

  • Indoor packaged substations comprise of a “SYSTEM 4” low voltage switchboard coupled to one or more dry type, air colled, cast resin transformers to IEC 60076/BS EN 60076 (formerly BS 171)
  • Ratings 500-2500kVA are available with enhanced ratings possible, by forced cooling with the addition of integral fans
  • The standard primary and secondary windings are 11kV and 433 Volt respectivelky, connected in Delta/Star, but other primary and secondary voltages are available
  • The packaged substation can be in various physical arrangements, to suit the requirements of individual installations

M-Pact Air Circuit Breakers

  • Incorperation of the M-Pact 2 withdrawable Air Circuit Breaker into System 4 switchboards offers state of the art circuit protection and system management together with reliability and performance with which the name M-PACT has always been associated.
  • 3 or 4 Pole configurations
  • ASTA, KEMA & LOVAG certified in accordance with IEC 947-2/BSEN60947

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